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The HTC is a Washington State not-for-profit corporation that works cooperatively with a variety of strategic partners to make Clark County a great place to work and live.

Manufacturing sustainability is dependent on good partnerships with local leadership; keeping open channels of communication with leaders in education, legislation, charities, and other local organizations to both hear their concerns and needs, and to share what is important to us.  We will be advocates for a low cost of living, a viable business climate, competitive wage employment opportunities, and environmental stewardship.

Whether it is through our yearly donations to Council for the Homeless and Career Connected Learning, or our Scholarship contribution to the Clark College Foundation for STEM related scholarships, we recognize and support a healthy community by organizing charitable and environmental support projects both collectively in the HTC and through each companies’ individual programs. We all love living and working in the Pacific Northwest and want to pass that feeling to future generations of workers.


We are pleased to work with so many great Community and Education Partners.  Please visit our partners pages to learn more about their resources.   

Community Partners          Education Partners


  • WSU-V Electrical Engineering Program (2011)

  •  Partnership with high schools resulting in internships and materials science curriculum (2007...)

  • Support of SW Washington STEM Learning Network (2011...)

  • Industry Led Career Launch in support of Career-Connected Learning initiatives (2018...)

  • Creation of the Center of Excellence (2019)

  • 192nd interchange off SR-14 (2001)

  • Exemption of sales tax on machinery and equipment (2006)

  • SB 5725 – Semiconductor Cluster (2003)

  • HB 3190 – Tax incentives: Semiconductor Cluster (2006)

  • Worker’s Compensation System Reform (2011) 

  • SB 5977 – Renewal of semiconductor tax preferences (2017)

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