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Educated Workforce

Career Connected learning opportunities helps youth understand the variety of jobs and environments within manufacturing, while helping companies build a pipeline for their future workforce. HTC companies are committed to partnering with K12 and the college/university systems to create opportunities from being guest speakers, to hosting internships, apprenticeships, and more. 


  •  WSU-V Electrical Engineering Program (2011)

  •  Partnership with high schools resulting in internships and materials science curriculum (2007...)

  • Support of SW Washington STEM Learning Network (2011...)

  • Industry Led Career Launch in support of Career-Connected Learning initiatives (2018...)

  • Creation of the Center of Excellence (2019)


  •  Skills needed for current and future workforce at all levels from operator to engineer

  •  Gaps in knowledge of local industry among students and educators

Economic Development

The HTC values and supports the efforts of our various partners and their commitment to further the economic development of SW Washington.


  •  Exemption of sales tax on machinery and equipment (2006)


  •  Increase in energy cost

  • Increase in B&O and "C" tax

Transportation / Infrastructure

SW Washington high technology industries including our customers and employees rely on a solid transportation system and other infrastructure enhancements to serve their needs. The HTC shares a commitment to all SW Washington residents to ensure a reliable and efficient transportation system vital to our area's economic health and competitiveness.


  •  192nd interchange off SR-14 (2001)


  •  I-5 bridge replacement

  •  Widening of SR-14 between 164th Street & I-205


The high tech industry is highly competitive and operates in a global marketplace. The HTC continues to support legislative initiatives that are critical to the ongoing economic development of high technology in SW Washington.


  •  SB 5725 – Semiconductor Cluster (2003)

  •  HB 3190 – Tax incentives: Semiconductor Cluster (2006)

  • Worker’s Compensation System Reform (2011) 

  • SB 5977 – Renewal of semiconductor tax preferences (2017)


  •  Higher residential and business energy costs

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